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Twin Cities Electric, Inc. Know Your Professional Electrician
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Thinking about making some changes in your home that require electrical work? Most people can't do electrical work themselves and need to hire someone to re-wire or repair existing fixtures. In fact, most people want to hire a skilled electrician to tackle these projects because we all know that not knowing what you're doing when it comes to electricity can be deadly!

What's the best way to find an electrician for your project? The first step is to prepare a brief summary of what work you want done. Be as detailed as possible because that will help an electrician determine whether or not he or she can even do what you want done or has the time to fit your project in among others he or she is currently working on.

Also, be realistic about what your needs are and what you can afford. But at the same time, try to think ahead. Does the living room need more outlets? Could the dining room use a new chandelier? Is now a good time to add a ceiling fan in the study? As long as you're going to have an electrican in the house, you might as well take advantage of it!

Twin Cities Electric, Inc. Next, think about what kind of electrical experience your project requires. For minor repair work a less expensive electrician who probably has less experience may be all you need. However for major repairs, remodels and new construction, make sure to get a skilled tradesman.

If your project is a larger one, ask the electrician for their ideas. Perhaps they will suggest something that you hadn't thought of such as the location for new outlets or ceiling fixtures, or perhaps the addition of a ceiling fan. Find out what fixtures you want and how much they cost, then give the bidder the specs. See if an electrician can get you a discount and handle pickup and delivery.

When all is said and done, it's best to choose the electrician who has the best combination of price and experience and with whom you feel the most comfortable.

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